Thought of the week - Comfort in Change

For all of us who don't like change, this has been the most challenging year. I see my resistance. I want my old life back. I liked my daily routine. I liked my morning coffee at work. I loved to see my team daily and I don't like to see my kids feeling lost.
But when I let things happen as they happen.....I find strength in me to change and actually feeling alive and motivated. Suddenly the challenge becomes an opportunity.
I see how many of you will gain new market share as the market gets smaller. I see how much I can still learn and grow. I am learning how to run my business wisely and with more cautiousness.
I see how big of an asset it is to have your own, loyal customers. Those ladies that want to shop with only you. I see there are ways to keep them yours.
Thank you Alin for the intense 7 weeks course you gave us. It's priceless! My only worry now is that we have to change again and move to a once a week Zoom call. It might be hard for me again :) Not good with change, did I mention that ?!? You guys were a huge part of my support system these days.
We will keep bringing articles and material for us to cover and will continue to share success and failure stories. We learn from it all.
Happy Monday.

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