Thought of the week - Charlie

Our dog Charlie is almost 12 years old and struggles with many issues as is common with his breed, Cavelier King Charles Spaniel. He has a heart condition and very bad arthritis in his back and his paws. Seeing him barely walking is painful. However, the end of life process for dogs can be much more humane than for humans. We have this special respect for animals that I wish we had for people sometimes. We met with our dear vet yesterday. We had a family visit to her clinic. She checked him and confirmed that he is getting close to the end and when I feel he has no more joy in his life, (eating, running, playing), then we will release him from his physical body. It felt sad but so right. We are so good to animals in regards to a painless end of life. Can't we show the same humanity to people in pain? Happy Monday, Yael

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