Thought of the week - Asking WHY

I went to visit my friend in DC this weekend.

She is a doctor at Georgetown University, a teacher, a women's advocate, and a writer. I admire and look up to her. I sometimes also get intimidated by her. I feel she does important things that can change the world and what do I do?

We took a walk and she told me about an interview she is having in NY the following weekend and how she felt a bit anxious about it. She said she wasn't sure what to wear. We spoke about the nature of the interview and the woman she was meeting. She specifically mentioned the woman’s taste in clothes and how she felt she didn't have that skill. We talked about style and what made her feel good and came up with a good outfit for her that she felt empowered, safe and ready in.

It’s not what we do, it’s why we do it! She reminded me why I do what I do.
What is your Why?

Happy Monday,


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