Thought of the Week - Simple Emails

In this age of social media; of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, many of us forget the importance of a simple email. Email communication is the only way other then calling, to speak personally to your customers. That's your way to let them know of a new collection, a sale or an event. It's the best way to build a relationship one on one that is rare now in these media - noisy days. Do you have a list of customers? If you do, I bet your best sales come from those on the list. Loyal customers love getting emails and updates on how you and the store are doing. Some of you told me that you didn't want to bother your customers with weekly emails. This is NO bother! Your customers that love you and your store would love to get to know you better and be in touch. I do! If you haven't yet, start a mailing list.... today! Tie an email registration to every transaction, use a pop -up on your site, capture these emails and update your list weekly. Happy Thursday! 🌷 - Yael Computer

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