Thought of the Week - Yael's Family

My daughter Ruth just turned 18. This ended 10 years of me raising my 2 kids as a single mother. My son will be 21 in September. I will be 50 next year. They are both quite independent and happy kids. So many strong feelings around it. I am proud, sad, happy and looking forward to the next chapter of their lives.
Growing up in Israel, kids stay kids longer. We don't go to sleep away camps growing up and we don't leave our homes until we are at least 22. America is full of freedom. Kids at 18 are starting their own lives, away from home. It is quite fascinating and sometimes hard to grasp for me. I am wishing my kids freedom inside, even in "noisy" times outside, to learn how to live with the good and bad with the same attention and be kind and compassionate human beings. I guess I wish the same to our country and to us all. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Yael

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