Thought of the Week - 5 weeks

It's been 5 weeks since we have all been asked to stay home. I might finally be out of the shock phase. It took at least 2 weeks for it to really sink in.
I was wondering today if I learned anything new about myself during this time.
I have noticed:
* I love being at home
* I love my work
* My kids are my life but I also love my empty nest and miss it
* I appreciate small businesses more than ever
* I maybe should consider going back to take piano lessons
* I am an optimist
* I am still afraid of dying
* I am not afraid of losing everything
The united feeling is so strong.
A friend called today and said she was worried about me and my business. I told her it wasn't about me anymore. This is much bigger. I am one of many interdependent companies within the industry. A very different feel. This will require a collective effort as we work together to keep us going. I feel encouraged, not fear.
Sending love and strength to everyone.
Happy Monday,

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