Thought of the week

Remember when eating too many eggs was not good for you but now it suddenly is "good" cholesterol? Same with coffee or tofu. Who would have thought tofu wasn't good for you? And who would have believed coffee is! Same with anything else we used to do/eat/drink and are doing maybe now. How long before it is no longer good for us? How long before it is not in "fashion."Low rise was in, then very high rise and now low rise again. Fitted clothing and now Boho chic, loose-fitting fashion is the rage. A round body was once a sign of wealth and grey hair was hidden. Red wine was bad and now a glass a day is good for you. How about we each get up in the morning and decide how we want to look and what we want to eat that day? Each day, without worrying about who said what? Find our own way, not too much or too little of anything.
Remember that your body is your own personal canvas. Use your own gut with what feels right when creating it.
Happy week,
Yael Edelist
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