Thought of the Week - Family Business

Many people I meet tell me they hope their kids will not be in their business when they grow up. I was wondering about that. How lucky that kids have a parent with a business that he/she can inherit or join if they want. I love my work and my industry. It is hard, challenging at times, with many ups and downs but so rewarding and satisfying. I would like the same for my kids. When we opened our first store, 10 years ago, my daughter was 8. She said : "Why do you only have one store mom? You should open a chain......". I told her that will be for her to do one day, if she would like to. I could see the potential. I can see how she would take it and make it her own. And then Ayla, Fatima's daughter, came to visit our showroom last Friday. She is 2! She ran into the showroom and the first thing she said as she was looking at the clothes hanging on the rack, pointing at a silver top was, " I want that Princess !" And asked to put it on! Natural, isn't she?!? Can't wait for her to join in too! Live, Love and Embrace your business! Happy Tuesday! - Yael 1 2

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