Thought of the week: Fashion Retail Business Plan

Sometimes I get lost in my day to day, running after my own tail, not paying attention to where I am going and why. Just going!
In order to put some order in the clutter we played a little game last week at the office that I wanted to share so we can all play:)
Take a blank piece of paper and pen. Write in the center: " Where do I see myself in 2 years " ?
Then answer the following leading question, anywhere on the page (Make your own mandala) * Do I own my store? * How much money do I make? * How many people do I employ? * Do I work full time? * Who do I sell to? * Is there something new I want to invest in?
* What do I want from my business? * What makes me happy in my business?
Writing it down helps me put things in order and plan on how to achieve them..... Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
Happy Monday! Yael
fashion retail business plan fashion retail business plan

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