Though of the Week - Change is Good

Dear community,
We are excited to announce a new avenue that Alembika will be embarking on soon and because you are, in fact, our community, we feel it is important to keep you informed. We believe, as a company, in transparency and in respecting and honoring our partnerships in business. We also believe that in times of struggle, it is important to show the strength of a brand, to continue more than ever to market and grow the brand not just for ourselves but for our retailers. To instill a true sense of confidence in that, we are here to stay alongside you.
On February 18th, 2021, we will be launching This is a joint venture alongside Alembika in Israel to bring a global face to an already strong, growing, international brand. We want you to rest assured, wholesale and you are our #1 priority and we will continue to protect our stores.
  • Our retailers will continue to be shipped prior to our seasonal launches.
  • We will continue to honor a 2.5 markup on our site while only requiring a 2.4 from our other online retailers
  • We will have a dedicated Find a Retailer page.
How does this benefit you?
  • We are investing in Alembika as a brand because we believe in it. We will continue to market the line and create more national brand recognition that will ultimately help put the name into the minds and hearts of consumers everywhere.
  • We will offer a consistent universal "look" and "feel" of the line to ensure that regardless of where you are globally, the line portrays one image. Israel will no longer offer anything we cannot offer to our stores.
  • Every piece offered online is available to our retailers. More options, more real time inventory and more opportunity to introduce newness within the season.
We fully believe that our loyal customers deserve the most attention and we know, without wholesale we wouldn't be here so we see this as a partnership with you.
We are always available for open communication and will be happy to speak to you should you have any concerns.
We look forward to a year of growing together safely!
Happy Monday!

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