The Scarf - a must for all seasons

When Nora Efron passed away from Leukemia in 2012, she was the wet dream of thousands of Nebraska girls who live there but dream of NY. She was not only original, sharp & witty, but she also left us a legacy: the Turtleneck!
I certainly love this look and admire everybody who wears it, yet - neither my daughters, their friends, my nieces & their friends, my contemporaries and last but not least, myself are wearing it. It is too risky to put it on and go out of the house not knowing when I will start feeling choked, or God forbid a small heat wave, or the room will be overheated..... Zillion reasons I will not dare wear one.
Kathrin Hepburn labeled it by saying:"I hate my neck" & wore scarves in her immortal movie On Golden Pond.
Efron marked the Turtleneck as the Must in every woman's closet.
Hepburn marked the Scarf.
This in itself is not any news. Scarves have been around since forever and have been used not only for practical reasons but also as accessories of Mystery, Seduction & Passion, in tales, art, and later in movies. A jack of all trade, the scarf is the cheapest accessory you buy on the street when the winds hit you & a highly expensive branded article by Louis Vuitton or Hermes.
Grizas Grizas
_SCI1449 Grizas
Most designers are aware of this phenomena. Therefore scarves are a common accessory in all their collections. Some use it as a highly aromatic spice, and others are using matching fabrics to add this Must have article in adding versatility to various styles and garments.
The Japanese were the first ones to take this classic form of accessory one step further and make a piece of art out of it. From the Shiburi technics to intricate weaves, hand painted silk & highly sophisticated knits - they became highly in demand.
They became a garment in its own merit.
An exquisite scarf or shawl can carry me from work to a concert or a dinner party.
I will change my shoes and pull out the scarf from my handbag and Voila; I will be the queen of the party.
Grizas Grizas

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