The Message Carried by Clothes

Don't ask what clothes can do for you - ask what they tell the world about you!
Lately, the Canadian MP Justin Trudo, set the media on fire when he showed up for a meeting with Ireland's MP, in a severe suit & tie, while the twist in the narrative were his socks.
Star War socks in mis-matching colors!
This had nothing to do with chance. This was a well thought out styling message.
According to Maslow's Pyramid of Needs, socks would be at the bottom of the pyramid & used as a necessity against the Canadian weather conditions.
At the very top of this pyramid, these socks are symbols of success, self expression, & creativity.
When Lady Gaga chose to dress her dancers for the Super-ball, in purple & wore triangle eye patches, it was a conscious choice; a tribute & support to the values of the Gay community, using their symbols from the 70's & 80's.
We are living in the Age of Individuality.
After years which aspired to raise Minimalism & the look of "Norm Core", we are now experiencing a revival of Haute Coture. Well designed & extravagant clothes are worn by fashionistas, as well as in street looks shown all over the media.
We can certainly aspire to conclude:
Our personality, the total of our character, qualities & feelings, habits & values, is expressed by our looks AKA - our clothes!
Mega Fashionista, miss Piggy summed it up:
Whenever I cannot show up to a party, I send a note with detailed information of what I would have worn!

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