Shop Talk with the ALEMBIKA Community Beyond, our fashion community spreads across the US with brick-and-mortar stores from east to west. Each offers an intimate, personal touch as well as a unique shopping experience. Now, on a bi-weekly basis, we will share “Shop Talk” to highlight businesses that are a part of the ALEMBIKA family. Today’s Story: Boutique W 5001 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, Pa 19073
168 Rehoboth Ave Rehoboth Beach, De 19971
  1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My earliest memory of fashion is when I was a little girl staying at my grandparents home at the Jersey shore....I was about 8! My grandmother was a milliner in NYC and had closets of handmade hats and beaded dresses, bags and of course drawers of jewelry (that was the time when the "grown ups" dressed to the nines to walk the boardwalk in Atlantic City) My sister and cousins and I would put outfits together and parade around the living room for all the family and friends who were visiting! I think that was the first fashion show I curated, hahaha! The joy we had finding the right pieces in the treasure chest that was mommom's closet! Fast forward 48 years and here I am owner and creative director of Boutique W! My philosophy for Boutique W was that I wanted to create a safe place where women would lift each other up and support each other, where within our walls we are age positive and body positive and work to ensure every women leaves feeling better than when she walked in! What I didn't realize 8 years ago when I opened the Newtown Square store, was that what I was really searching for was the childlike joy I had playing dress up in my grandmother's closet! After we opened our Baltimore and Rehoboth Beach locations, I began to see what was really happening...women (some who claimed they didn't like to shop, can you imagine?) were finding joy, not only in the clothing selections, but in the pampering attention of being wardrobed! Boutique W has evolved into the ultimate experience of my mommom's closet :) Women come to us to play dress up!
  1. Your favorite artist or designer and why

When I looked at the question, who is my favorite artist, Van Gogh immedialty came to mind…why? He painted out loud! Bold stokes of amazing color of how he saw the world! Designer would have to be Coco Chanel…a woman who knew what she likes, knew her worth and was unwilling to compromise…of course her impeccable taste and timeless designs go without saying!
  1. The one good thing Covid life introduced into your life.

Covid showed me what I’m made of…and I liked what I saw! Strength, endurance, flexibility, creativity in abundance and a whole lot of integrity! I learned how to draw lines in the sand and stand up for what works for me! I also have come to truly enjoy our simple lifestyle!
ALEMBIKA store stories: Boutique W
Alembika Store Stories: Boutique W

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