Show some Leggings

By Roni Rabl
Leggings are over, said all Trend Forecast Gurus.
I believed them. It is over!
Not only are leggings alive and kicking, they came out from their hiding place under the long tunic & are not afraid to play a prominent part in our dress code.
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leggings From Athleisure to Evening wear; from office to restaurant, leggings became a necessity in every woman's closet. T-shirts and Leggings are a must for us, yet leggings can carry any woman through many more options. Yoga and Rocking the night dives play side by side. Leggings in various forms & under various names have been worn for warmth & protection by both men & women throughout the centuries. Soldiers wore leggings often for protection from dirt & for support.
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Art Point Art Point
Later, when first entering women's closets, leggings were 2 separate garments: one for each leg. Within 100 years the leggings made their way from the pits of ditches during wars to top closets of the richest.
Li Edelkoort, the top Guru of all forecasting, is talking about various trends: Fetishism, Folklore dressing, Fashion statements, Futurism next to Southern influences & much more.
No Leggings!
This is where we are meeting the real power of the market. What do REAL women really want?
1. Comfort.
2. Comfort & versatility.
3. Comfort & fashion.
The uses of leggings are so wide & versatile, no woman can afford to disregard it.
See our suggestions for great outfits with leggings.
Wear it 7/24.
Yep, we cannot stop loving them!

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