The Roni Rabl Pledge

The worst nightmare for any designer is to have a merchandiser pointing at a beautiful item from their collection and saying: "This can go with any pair of Denim..."
I read recently that top celebrity actresses and socialites, appeared to be doing this last season. Designer shows had models wearing denim pants, as a very casual look.
This phenomena brought on some deeper thoughts on the meaning of Festivity, Appreciation & Fashion. FAF.
If I am late to a meeting where various people are already waiting for me, without meaning to do so, I definitely will send out a message alerting my lateness out of respect.
Why are lawyers showing up to court always in a certain dress code, sometimes even wearing these elaborate capes? - It is a clear message of respect to the court of law & to all the people practicing it.
I remember, as a child, whenever my parents went out to a concert, we had a small ceremony where they had to present themselves to me for approval. I loved giving my fashion advice and was excited, as if I was the one to walk the aisles of the concert hall and listen to the fine music.
Clothes are the obvious and first impression a person will make when he/she enters a room.
"Imagination is Everything", said Albert Einstein and continued: "It is the preview to life's coming attractions".
"The creative adult is the child who survived", said another wise woman - Ursule le Guin.
And from the wise Buddhist philosopher Osho: "To be creative means to be in love with life"
My pledge: Take all the above, mix it, shake it and come out with a decision for this year. I am going to renew my garderob.
With all that fashion is offering us, it is a feast. So dig in!
Modern tailoring with a retro whiff. Vintage is upgraded with new color blocks, pin stripes and prints.
Back to Black takes on a new meaning.
Velvet steps up with wonderful variety.
Sleeveless becomes a necessary item: vests, vest coats, jumper dresses.
Hybridization, Integration - Use your imagination in all aspects.

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