Ozai N Ku Spring/ Summer 19 - A Mediterranean Summer

It was not so long ago that we have celebrated the arrival of autumn-winter. We enjoyed it with much anticipation and affection, together with its cuddly, fluffy and oversized treats. 3 months in and all we can think of is the first day of a warm spring. We dream of a short break on a hot, white beach, with our feet chilling in the cold water. We wish for a walk along the small streets of an old beach-town. Welcome Ozai-N-Ku. In its second season here at Roni Rabl, the Greek brand Ozai-N-Ku offers a beautiful collection, rich with color and movement. Its Spring-Summer collection is delivering a dynamic, stylised, casual and high-end line of garments that will make the spring and summer of 2019 a Mediterranean hit. It is easy-to-wear and comfortable, and it is a pleasure to look at. It offers us and edgy line made with fantastic, lively colors. The collection consists of comfortable fabrics, and a fresh approach that puts an accent on movement, edge and style. It is a collection that is like the Mediterranean - complex, layered, energetic, beautiful, easy-to-wear and difficult to take off. Whether on a Greek island (preferably Santorini) or Vermont, this collection is a Spring Must-Have if you can't wait for some warm, well-deserved, and long-due summer vacation.

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