Thought of the week: Love

I come from a very cynical culture. We Israelis are very cautious regarding certain rituals and if we feel any type of fakeness, the world hears about it:) I am ready to let that trait go after living in the U.S. for 25 years. We don't celebrate Valentines day in Israel and we don't use the word "love" so much either. America taught me to say " I love you" without the heaviness of the meaning that Hebrew has to the word "Ahava" (love). I use the word love daily: "Love you" to my daughter when I leave the house, "love you" to my employees and reps, "Love ya" to the guy who makes my Iced coffee every morning. "Love you" to my community members whom I meditate with and "love you" to you, my customers whom my livelihood depends on! So with or without Valentine's day and with my cynical background, I am sending my sincere love and gratitude to you, my wonderful colleagues whom without you, I have no business. LOVE! Yael. love

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