Look of the Week - Our Spring Favorites!

We asked the Roni Rabl team, what's their favorite Spring 19 item. Here's what they picked:


"The ALEMBIKA mixed fabric dress is one of our biggest hits this season! Apart from its retail success, I personally love wearing the dress - it's airy, colorful and elegant".


"No matter what season, when I open my closet and reach for an outfit, Alembika is always the right one for me. This top I am wearing, is letting me feel the breeze, yet still cuddling me. You can have it too!"


"When Spring rolls around I am all about comfort and color though as a New Yorker...the color is usually subtle. This ALEMBIKA cropped Linen pant makes me feel young and fun and topped with a yummy hemp tank from Two Danes, I'm ready for a getaway somewhere warm".


"The Chiara blue-and-pink dress is fun - I like it's length and design that allows me to either wear it full length, over the knees, or fold it up, and wear it as a short dress with legging".

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