Look of the Week - Chiara Cocol Getting Ready for Spring/Summer 2020

Chiara Cocol is COOL ! She learned the business from her mom who used to manufacture shirts only for 40 years. Chiara joined in and made her own collection after having her 3 daughters and felt she couldn't find anything that fit her well after her 3 pregnancies. She is still working in the house where her mom and dad lived and she grew up in where the studio, cutting room, pattern making and sewing done. They pack and ship from there too. All under one roof in a beautiful neighborhood in the suburbs of Milan. Chiara loves color and her inspiration for SS20 was the Asymmetric theme saying it changes generic or plain item to an interesting one, just like people :) Chiara is our lady! She is in her 50's and and in her 20's in spirit. She runs from room to room while we were there, always happy to try and on and enjoy the process. Chiara wants us to give her feedback all the time. She says :" I love the fact that you are loving my collection but I learn the most from your critic". She is happy and full of humor and lightness just like her clothes. We look forward to presenting her SS20 in the next Studio Atelier in September

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