Fashion from Japan- Sweet & Severe

When Rei Kawakubo established her Fashion brand 'Comme des Garcons', and Yoji Yamamoto exposed his avant-guard styles, everybody raised a brow.
These were the 1980's and the fashion world was not ready for the big revolution that was already pouring out of Japan into the West. "The creative adult is the child who survived" (Ursule le Guin). This is always what comes to my mind when I watch new collections we receive from Japan.
The Japanese design dramatically changed the relationship between Fashion & Body.
No more exact fitting & tailoring.
No more garments that look perfect on the hanger.
Yes to garments with beauty that is enhanced by movement & perfect tailoring.
Outfits that are enhanced by new & different styling, with a breathtaking result.
_MG_6808_NY_JIU JiU
_MG_7090_NY_JIU JiU
Present fashion receives in Japan nowadays a status of a new religion.
The elite designers are adamant in their pursue of the best quality while keeping the non-conformist, loose, never body hugging look. Meanwhile, the young generation uses the mix of fashion as an ideological & political stand against the strict & severe Japanese codes.
I cannot stop admiring this process. Remembering a quote from the most brilliant mind: "Imagination is Everything. It is the preview to life's coming attractions". (Albert Einstein)

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