Inspiration : Dries Van Noten's Gender Bending

By Roni Rabl Gender bending is hot hot hot on the runways. Dries Van Noten is not only the Star of this trend which is infiltrating Men's Fashion like a Virus, but he is definitely of the dominant ones.
With the aide of effeminate male models who walk the runways stooped and cross legged, designers seem to compete on crossing the unseen border, adding feminine looks to men's wear and male looks to women, especially in outerwear, street wear and Grunge.
Looking at Van Noten's decades of work, it is evident that his garments have never been truly gendered. As early as 2000, he came up with hip-slung pleated skirts and clinging jersey dresses for men and now he sent out wrap skirts worn over trousers.
Transcending gender may not have been Van Noten's intention, but it's something he's excelled at over the years.
I am always thrilled to see what new ideas he comes up with and then look carefully at our collections to find the impressions and influences he leaves on all designers.

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