Goodbye Leonard

" I want my songs to be direct and immediate, nothing that should stay forever. I do not want a life insurance on my work" - this was said by Leonard Cohen in 1966.
He was then a young Jewish-Canadian poet who has won a $2000 prize for his talents. With this money he kept a house in the Greek Island Hydra and was head over heals in love with Marianne who he has described: "Marianne. Perfect."
He could not make a living as a writer in spite of the excellent critics he received, he could not pay his bills, he could not keep the house in Hydra.
In his countless interviews, he told interviewers: "My options were either to teach at a university or work in a bank, but as I had always liked playing the guitar and singing, it seemed the better solution for my livelihood".
When Leonard Cohen published his iconic song "Hallelujah" in 1984, it has been after a year of work on this song only. In the process, he wrote over 80 stanzas. At the end, he settled for 2 versions of the song, one optimistic and the second....well....less.
"I am writing because I want to create something as beautiful as you".
We are lucky there are enough masterpieces by Leonard Cohen, that are based on feminine muses, which prove that in the battle between the divine Art & human Desire, we all won.
Leonard Cohen did a very long way from the humble poet he was in 1966 to one of the world's most revered musicians, filling huge stadiums with loyal audiences, young and old, to his very last days.
While improving (or sharpening) his musical talents,he also came to understand the importance of his external appearance.
Against the mainstream, Grunge, or Rock, looks he adopted a somewhat stern look.
Tailored suits with vest and a very classic shirt & tie, topped with a classic hat - directly out of the 40's.
This is how we shall remember him - not just a great talent but a classic image of a great man & artist.

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