The Movies and Fashion dialog

Fashion is a relatively modern word. Fashion did not exist before the Industrial Revolution. If Queen Victoria had a new gown, it did not inspire a world industry of fashion. Maybe a few ladies at court took inspiration from it and whispered it to their seamstress - not a powerful designer who gave inspiration and therefore was a celebrity for being artistically talented.
The major changes came after the shortening of the dress!
Women went to work, women started being personas with their own needs and wishes. Then, instead of queens, actresses became the source of inspiration with the designers who were still in the back room.
The designers themselves later became a powerful source for the growing fashion industry. Coco Chanel, Dior & others were the leaders for all later designers & inspirations.
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Then came the movies. in 2016, movies remain one of the most potent forces of fashion inspiration. From the re-creation of an iconic First Lady wardrobe in Jackie to The Neon Demon's horror treatment of the modeling industry. Musicals are also known for pushing fashion forward, and this year we have the magnificent La La Land to thank.
I would also like to mention the movie The Nice Guys. Yes, it is about men, but what a glorious make over did the adorable Ryan Gosling & Russel Crowe receive with those horrible rumpled suits & tacky leather jackets. One could nearly smell the dried sweat.
We experience this transformation ourselves when we get the feeling we are wearing clothes that do not only fit us well but give us a feeling of second skin, a new transformed personality, a ravishing new look or a subdued minor change that makes us feel different.
I believe in the power of dressing, and the masters to help me make this change are the sales force who do the selling and later on, the adapting of the clothes to the person. It is up to them to make it happen!
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