You can now order Alembika & Grizas online!

Two years ago, when we started to discuss the need for an online store, I had a hard time with it. I love the one on one time in a retail store, the face time with a sales people and the intimacy in buying while trying on with someone there to advice me. I don't like change!:)
Two years later, I completely understand it. I invite it and see the benefit in it. We still have a relationship with the woman who buys online; We didn't lose the intimacy. We keep in touch with her through email, social media channels and on the phone! We didn't lose the ones who like to buy in the store but rather opened the door for them to shop from home as well. Thank you for all of you who worked with us on this crucial change.
So what is our next step as a business? Enter NuOrder...
It is a new digital way of ordering which we have now begun to implement into our current system. The goal is for a smoother, more efficient and error free way of doing business. All show orders will be entered digitally and though it may feel weird to leave the show with no paper in hand, you will receive a real time confirmation with your order details, printable copy and images of all the styles you ordered.
Other perks include real time inventory and the ability to place your orders online immediately, no matter the day or time!
To Access Nuorder, simply go to, click on log in and if you don't know your password, click on 'forgot password?' It will email you a confirmation email to reset your password.
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Alembika SS18 (40)-X2 Alembika SS18 (41)-X2 Alembika SS18 (42)-X2 Alembika SS18 (42)-XL Alembika SS18 (59)-X2 Alembika SS18 (81)-XL

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