Are the 90's back?

The 90's fashion, with synthetic fabrics; pleather; machine sewn sequins & machine made lace; animal prints & harsh color combinations, looked trashy then & it does now!
This trash was given some interesting interpretations by current designers. As a matter of fact, it can actually look right. Chic post 90's.
One of the elements that is used to achieve the feel & look of the 90's, is the use of "cheap" materials like Polyester & Lycra, to achieve sharp' skinny silhouettes & generally challenging fashion's traditional status symbols.
There is a distinct connection to this trashy look; a shared sense of color & shape - a flavor of the Old Bad Taste.
The designers I prefer are those who try to avoid the explicit approach of Grunge with Sex, or "cheap" as for example Velour used to be: stiff & unyielding, whereas today we have the wonderful & supple velvet which ain't cheap at all! the trashy, in this case, looks now very rich.
Some of the 90's designers were lumped together & tagged as "Deconstructionists" & they were quite radical.
Martin Margiela from Maison Margiela was one of them, deconstructing her garments & shifting radically fashion's poles.
Turning jackets inside out to expose seams & using unexpected synthetics for luxury garments.
All this was a completely new notion.
Marithe' & Francois Girbaud were also some of those pioneers who took Techno Jersey fabrics from Active wear into High Fashion.
It was a cultural rebellion as implied by the name, deconstructing garments & ripping up the Rule Book of decades.
Lena Kvadrat from Art Point in Vienna, is taking it into modern, updated & well designed new looks.
Fishermen nets are inserted cleverly or layering full garments; Zippers are unexpectedly tearing apart collars to open up a neckline;Pockets which are zipped off & turn into Bags; Long coats turn into short jackets.
That which felt & looked shocking in that era is now back with a force, without repeating the exact past recipe.
The cake must taste differently & it does!
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