ALEMBIKA’s biggest collection is here!

In our "Look of the week" We have already mentioned that ALEMBIKA's AW19/20 collection is BIG.

You're asking how big? Well, it is one of the biggest collections under ALEMBIKA's roof.

But what does that mean? That's a good question you're asking there - let's go through it together:

The morning lines -

Let's start with ALEMBIKA - the classic, casual and daily line.It is your favourite; familiar, cosy and stylish line. For its winter AW19/20 collection, ALEMBIKA is putting a very strong accent on honey-brown, which is making a huge comeback. Is there a better partner to Honey-brown than Black? Hagar says there is none, and with its Autumn Winter collection ALEMBIKA proves that she knows what she is doing. The collection puts a very strong accent on animal prints and texture, which are a going to dominate the upcoming winter. Looking for something colourful and whimsical? Fear not! With this collection your in for a surprise!
Next in line we have the beloved TEKBIKA. TEKBIKA's Autumn/ Winter 2019 is also dominated by a game of browns (honey-browns, of course) and black. The well-known and adored playful mix of fabrics, textures and prints is here again, accompanied with the all-time favourite polka dots. It is a familiar, yet updated and stylish take on the TEKBIKA line, which puts its main attention on work and travel attire. Comfort and confidence are TEKBIKA's main priorities, and Autumn 2019 delivers!
Third is TALA by ALEMBIKA, which gives you a collection that will have you shine while keeping a casual look. The sportswear collection is a sure hit, offering a mix comfort with an added touch of sharpness to every look.

And the evening lines -

Black on Black
A new line coming from ALEMBIKA this year is Black on Black. ALEMBIKA has us covered on the daily, casual looks, and TEKBIKA guaranteed a stylish look at work and while traveling. What about days in which we are bloating with confidence, we feel good and we want a look that has some more guts? In comes Black on Black. The new line by ALEMBIKA is guaranteed to satisfy us during those days in which we are at our most scrupulous of moods. It is chic, avant-garde and filled with style.
After Dark
Last but not least comes AFTER DARK. Want to look chic and classy? Looking for a look that is elegant, romantic? A look that can put you at the center of attention during a cocktail party? The beloved, classic After Dark collection is the right choice for you. Sexy and sassy, smart and tasteful, After Dark will make you glow and shine at every event. Hagar Alembik treats every line as if it was the only one. Each fabric tells a different story and every story is interesting. ALEMBIKA Autumn/Winter 19 tells the best story yet, and it will only get better.

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