ALEMBIKA SS20 Presentation

It is always a pleasure to visit Hagar Alembik and the amazing team of ALEMBIKA in Israel. You can learn so much about the brands you are working with just by looking at how they communicate and perform on a daily basis. It is such an amazing insight and privilege to be able to take part in the process of bringing a collection to life. It is even stronger an experience when you do it accompanied by brilliantly inspiring, strong and smart women. We were accompanied by a group of fantastic personalities, some of which you are familiar with. ALEMBIKA invited a group of great women to its presentation, a selection that represents the ALEMBIKA woman. A group that includes Pascale of Style Mum, Anna Borisovna and Idiosyncratic Fashionistas is a beautiful portrait of the ALEMBIKA woman. A strong, confident and colorful woman. A woman that is not afraid to stand out, and will do it with Style. A woman that loves herself, loves life and is unapologetic. The ALEMBIKA woman. The SS20 presentation took place in the heart of the beautiful old city of Jaffa. ALEMBIKA chose a rustic, post-industrial space for its presentation of the upcoming Spring-Summer 2020 collection. The beautiful, light and playful collection played out wonderfully with the harsh mediterranean atmosphere in the space. We were later invited to an evening tour at the amazing site of Caesarea, a city so beautiful and powerful, it still astounds visitors, 2000 years after its construction. It was only appropriate to finish our visit there, as a proof that style and vision are always relevant, always beautiful, and forever powerful.

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