ALEMBIKA Resort - Exclusive for the US

ALEMBIKA Resort, exclusively designed for the USA, has just landed!

This season be inspired to travel with splashes of gold and silver. Slow down in ocean blue tie-dye and pops of fuchsia and red, reminiscent of a bold sunrise. Wind down with sophisticated animal prints in breathable, rich fabrics. Styles that moves you from day to night with ease and comfort. We have received a series of fantastic short videos from ALEMBIKA, promoting it's hot 2019 Resort collection. Each video from this series is dedicated to a dominant color, and together they form the backbone for the ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 collection. The fantastic videos were filmed across the Dead Sea mountains in Israel. ALEMBIKA manages to convey the feeling of untamed nature, explosive freedom and subtle power that accompany this fabulous collection. The models both carry the collection triumphantly, which is not a difficult task considering the amazing garments this season has to offer. It consists of both evening and casual pieces and plays with some familiar motifs we are acquainted with, yet delivering them in a magnificent, fresh and exciting ways. The all-time favorite Punto pants get a revision under this new line. Some magical, shiny tops of silver and gold are destined to become sure hits for the upcoming resort season. Without further ado, allow us to present you ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 -
The desert. An endless plain of warmth and natural roughness. Shining from the touch of the sun, it is waiting to sooth you and let your mind wind back. The golden, summer sun with its reddish yellow light setting in the horizon, promising an evening as unforgettable as it is unique. The GOLD line of ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 collection is the perfect companion for a warm holiday evening. Emotional and strong - ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 gold line promises and delivers. It is a parade of confidence and a marathon of senses. Strong. unique and interesting, the GOLD line of this fabulous Resort collection will make your holiday statement - I am here, I have worked hard for it, and I will enjoy it. The collection offers both cocktail pieces and casual daily wear to cover you from head to toe in shiny, bright luxurious gold. Middy dresses, punto pants, classy shirts, amazing accessories all come in fantastic, shiny gold, the ALEMBIKA way.
The eternal color of passion, love and intimacy. A color of freedom and character, of uniqueness and a strong statement of freedom, of grace and of power. ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 RED line is about the precious, hedonistic moments of life. The moments you go to your holiday for. It allows you to be yourself, to allow yourself to enjoy, to give in, to give yourself up and to follow your instincts. It is the color that lets you be yourself. Free forms, airy styles, sensual tops and brilliant bottoms, the ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 RED line is a guaranteed hit for the woman who knows what she wants, and how to get it.
ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 BLUE line delivers a collection that sets you free. The natural calm that follows you as you stare into the blue horizon, the relaxation of the eyes and the mind, the meditative power of the blue. Mystical in its essence, blue delivers a feeling of safety, of security, of assurance. You know you are free to be, and you can expand into the whole universe and become one with your surroundings. Water, clear sky, sea, freedom. With beautiful range of azure to ocean blues, turquoise, aqua and teal, this line of dresses, tops and pants is for the woman who feels she is one with nature, and appreciates its storms and cool summer breezes.
Elegance, sensuality, chic. Black is black. Black is a class of its own. It is Style, it is Confidence and it is Character. It is your walk down the street as the evening wind brushes your hair delicately and you know where you are going, what to expect and how to manage the unexpected. Accompanying you when the drinks are being served, complimenting when you are being smiled at and when you shine the room with your presence. The BLACK line of ALEMBIKA Resort 2019 is sensual, classy and elegant. A nice city dinner, a fantastic evening in town, a walk to the theatre or a drink by the pool, it is the best companion you can hope for during your Summer Resort trip. Shop this exclusive collection for a limited time at the following markets or online now. National Markets showing ALEMBIKA Resort: Detroit - June 2-3 Cleveland - June 5-6 Dallas - June 5-8 Atlanta - June 12-15 Los Angeles - June 16-19 San Mateo - June 23-25

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