ALEMBIKA Resort collection - the top of the top

We are slowly closing in on the orders for ALEMBIKA's resort collection. For this occasion we have gathered our top items for the upcoming resort season. With so many options in stock, and so many great garments, it was almost impossible to compile such a list. But we did it! And it was a pleasure to do it! We have gathered the items that moved us, that shook us, that made our heart beat a bit faster. (which at our age is a major risk we hope is appreciated ;) ) This upcoming resort season from ALEMBIKA is sensual - it is sophisticated, fun and romantic. From its Golden, desert sand inspiration to the emotional Red and the Blue of freedom, this collection is an ode for hedonism and self care. The garments are full of character, full of elegance and style, and it is almost impossible to ignore them when seeing them "live".
The golden line
The red line
the wild line
the silver line
With so many great items in line - you can easily see why it is such a difficult task to pick out the best of the best!

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