A HOT Vacation is near! Alembika's Resort Collection

The new Alembika Resort collection is in and we're excited! With a strong combination of black and floral and dots, and with a light yet dramatic plate of colors, Alembika Resort collection is offering a beautiful set of dresses, tops, pants and jackets to make your next vacation as stylish as possible.
RoniRabl_Alembika_Top_RT411 RoniRabl_Alembika_Top_RT411
RoniRabl_Alembika_Dress_RD213(1) RoniRabl_Alembika_Dress_RD213(1)
RoniRabl_Alembika_Dress_RD205 RoniRabl_Alembika_Dress_RD205
RoniRabl_Alembika_Top_RT403(1) RoniRabl_Alembika_Top_RT403(1)

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