A classic touch - Ozai N Ku Autumn Winter 2019

They say time flies when you're having fun. In its third season with us, the great Greek line Ozai N Ku delivers a collection both edgy and classic. In its essence, Ozai N Ku believes that "the value of the garment lies in its power to "be continued". The creation must lay unfinished until a brave person will choose to dress it. And put their body and soul in it." Their Autumn-Winter collection is a masterclass in movement. Each garment carries its own flow, delivering with it a unique dynamic of harmony between the person and the garment. It is as if every piece is just waiting for us to try it on, so it could start breathing. In the process of wearing the piece, we also give birth to this collection. Rich fabrics and meticulous cuts make this collection both easy to wear and a novelty to carry, the piece of cloth unreels all its possibilities. It can look glamorous one day, and humble the other. Flashy, or distinctive. Silky, or bristle. Great or small. Multiple layers and fine cuts make this collection a dynamic companion the allows you to be your best self. It promises to bring a unique, dramatic look and a classic touch to your boutique, and it delivers the collection of which dreams are made.

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